INSIDE OUTSIDE: Black Wings Trilogy

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Inside Outside – Black Wings: Parts One / Olivia The Death Angel & The Griffin by Sharlie M Riverton – Reviewed by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné | Reedsy Discovery

Imagine a world post-COVID. Are you imagining not wearing masks? Are you thinking that everything will go back to normal? Sharlie M. Riverton has other ideas. She describes a world where children are taken and trained to be assassins for an organization that controls the whole planet. Olivia and Jace, the top assassins of said organization, go out on their first mission together. They are faced with a soft target and an easy objective, but Olivia just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right

This pandemic story takes you on a journey where being assassins and underground fighting are the ways of living if you can really call it living. When Olivia goes missing, Jace has a decision to make. Will he break the rules to go and find her and risk never being with her, or will he do nothing and risk her being gone forever?

Inside Outside Part One: Black Wings is an intriguing story filled with plot twists and adventure. I made it to the second chapter before I realized that I forgot to breathe. The book was thrilling and full of suspense. What I liked most about the book was that the storyline is so well thought through, and it leaves you with a lot of questions in the end. It makes me excited for the next part. I enjoyed the character, Olivia, because she is fierce and dangerous with the spirit of a child. There is nothing I did not like about this book.

I rate Inside Outside Part One: Black Wings3 out 4 stars. Riverton’s writing is exciting, and the book is perfectly put together. The book will benefit from another round of editing. The errors found in the book are small and can easily be fixed. That is the only reason for the deduction of one star. The story will have you on the edge of your seat; you will cringe; you will hold your breath, and you will not want it to end.

I would recommend this book for readers above 18 years of age, for there are a few erotic and violent scenes that are very descriptive. This book is perfect for people who love books filled with suspense. I would not recommend this book to sensitive readers. There are rape scenes that are disturbing, but it does not take anything away from the storyline or make it harder to read. This is one of the most thrilling books I’ve read in a while.

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