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Are we not blessed to have horses on this earth; in our lives? They inspire us to reach beyond our potential, beyond our limits. They do not bare grudges; they do not connive and plot revenge; they do not judge. Horses respond to situations presented to them. The black, tainted soul of a human will… Continue reading HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR HORSE TODAY?

Dreams Of An Amazing Life

The cabin is in a large clearing mostly surrounded by a forest of ancient, towering trees and magnificent sapphire snowy mountains. Stand on the porch with me and look out at the large, crystal clear lake, as smooth as a mirror reflecting the crisp, clear morning. The forest is sparkling in the early sunlight; a… Continue reading Dreams Of An Amazing Life

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8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Sharlene, an amazing true story! Thank you for enlightening us as to what is happening to these poor horses, I can see and know your passion for them,

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  2. I have just read the book Hollers The Dodger by Sharlene Frances – IT IS AMAZING – get out your tissue box and discover each and every page which has you rapt in the beauty and horror of what happened to this wonderful horse. 10 stars for this book.

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  3. Congratulations on your very own website, may all your dreams come true. All the luck in the world, you deserve it.


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