HOLLERS THE DODGER – The Story Of A South African Racehorse

“I have just read the book Hollers The Dodger by Sharlene Frances – IT IS AMAZING – get out your tissue box and discover each and every page which has you rapt in the beauty and horror of what happened to this wonderful horse. 10 stars for this book. “

Review – Ley and Leigh Creations

Hollers The Dodger: The Story Of A South African Racehorse by Sharlie M Riverton – Reviewed by Julia Hoover | Reedsy Discovery

Loved it! 😍

Heart-wrenching ultimately victorious short story of traumatized racehorse, grippingly told from horse’s perspective.

The story is clean and well-written, and I found the author’s voice enjoyable. Her character descriptions and dialogue were also well done, as in this excerpt below:

Clapping her little hands, a small girl skipped and jumped down the stairs and as she neared us, she shyly held out a grubby palm. I stretched out my nose and blew onto her upturned face. She shouted out and giggled, putting her hands on either side of my face and kissing me on the nose.

“No, no! He is not a girlie horse, Poppy.”

The boys, Joe and Danny, chorused together. Much argument and discussion arose, with piping little voices putting forward the merits of me being either a ‘girlie horse’ or a ‘boy horse’.

Hollers The Dodger a few weeks after his rescue from the clutches of the monsters


Are we not blessed to have horses on this earth; in our lives? They inspire us to reach beyond our potential, beyond our limits. They do not bare grudges; they do not connive and plot revenge; they do not judge. Horses respond to situations presented to them. The black, tainted soul of a human will never taint the pure soul of a horse. Quite the opposite, the soul of a horse will seep into the broken and warped. Sit quietly with your horse, feel his warm, sweet breath. Inhale deeply, that wonderful horse scent. Be kind. Give him a carrot.

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A wonderful life

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